What is Danish Gymnastics?

  • Submitted: 18/08/2013 - 15:06

Danish Gymnastics is mainly practiced in teams. The basic goal consists of training the body to develop and maintain its flexibility, strength and to enjoy the influence that a healthy body produces on the mind and spirit. This is done through a series of rhythmical exercises in harmony with the music or through tumbling, jumps and acrobatics.

In Danish Gymnastics there can be identified different aspects, that makes this practice something much more than just an exercising session. For example, the work with music is incorporated for physical training as well as for individual and group choreographies.

As far as gymnastics elements, tumbling and mini trampoline are the most exciting skills to learn.


Regarding the physical aspect, it contributes to improve coordination, body position, space and body awareness, discovering each individual's own capacities. At a social level, it provides an ideal space for interaction with people from all social levels, ages and gender. In general, it helps to create a good balance between mind, body and spirit.


One of the main goals of this type of gymnastics is to make performances which consist of a show, that is meant to be seeing by any public (friends, family, etc.), where participants have a chance to demonstrate what they have learned, and everybody can enjoy watching choreographies, dance, jumps, tumbling and acrobatics.