Our beginnings

  • Submitted: 18/08/2013 - 14:54

The group started on November 2008, giving free lessons to university students during a tryout period so people could know about this type of gymnastics. Later on, on February 2009, and thanks to the cooperation of different people, a group for young people and adults was open (15 year old and above). Keeping the goal, that it has to be accessible to most people, a very low monthly fee was asked to each person coming to the group to cover operation expenses.

The idea was born from Maja Thormar (Danish) and Jorge Sánchez (Costarican) who studied together at the Academy of Physical Education in Ollerup, Denmark (Gymnastikhøjskolen i Ollerup). As founders of TEMPOS Gimnasia Danesa they have worked to spread this practice in Costa Rica as an alternative to the whole population to contribute to improve the quality of life. Between 2010 and 2014 classes took place at an old car shop, where we built some home made materials to begin. Later, we received an important equipment donation from Denmark, which allowed us to improve the dynamic in the classes and the teaching of this discipline to all the groups.

Since early 2015 we are located in Moravia's city centre where we have better facilities to develop even more skills and activities planned for this project.

For more information about the different groups in TEMPOS visit our Schedule & Prices section.